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The Myth of “No Maintenance Decking”

There is No Such Thing as No Maintenance Decking

I get asked all the time about “no maintenance decking”. There is even a contractor by me who drives around in a truck that is lettered “Ask me about NO Maintenance Decking!” Quite simply, there is no such thing. Every decking from the lowly pressure treated pine all the way up to the exotic hardwoods and top of the line synthetics need to be maintained.

The synthetics need to be cleaned regularly to be kept in top shape. Every major manufacturer has detailed cleaning instructions on their websites. Most methods entail some simple, non-harsh cleaning agents (NO BLEACH!!) and a hose. How often your deck needs to be cleaned depends on traffic, tree debris, etc.

If someone tries to sell you “No Maintenance Decking”, they are trying to sell you something that doesn’t exist!